Friday, November 5, 2010

Showing how well we share the microphone

Reading with our new microphone recorder

Our group is enjoying sharing the new microphone that can record what we read. We are learning how to read our Play using expression. We can record ourselves and listen to how much expression we use. We are also learning how to use the microphone and record.
We enjoy using the new microphone.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Pirate hats

"I like making pirate hats, because it is lots of fun", said Aimee.

"They are cool because they have skeletons on them", said Liam.

"LC 15 thought making pirate hats on Pirate Day would be fun", Kaela said.

Lillie-Paige made a special pirate hat for Kiwi Bear.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Feast time

Yo ho ho and a pile of food! Yum, it is great!

Pirates at work

Posted by PicasaWe were a hard working lot of pirates - making treasure maps, making pirate hats, and writing descriptive pirate poems. We had so many adjectives! There were big, brave, brilliant pirates, and huge, hairy, happy pirates... just to name a few. But this gave us an enormous appetite! So soon we were looking forward to our pirate feast. Yum!

More Pirate Fun

Here are a selection of pictures showing our pirate work, and our pirate feast. One of the pirates thought it was the best day he had ever had at school!

Pirate Day for LC15

LC15 all became pirates on Friday and dressed up in our pirate clothes. It was lots of fun! We read pirate books, made treasure maps, thought up lots of descriptive words about pirates, wrote pirate poems, and made pirate hats.
We had a magnificent Pirate Feast for our lunch. We were very full pirates!